Do you know, you can reduce machine downtime to almost 0%? If you are still using a paper-based system for machine maintenance system, you can hardly make it 0%, but if you use a computerized system, the chances are pretty high. Computerized Machine Maintenance Software (CMMS) is a cutting-edge software for machine maintenance. This is not only machine downtime for which you should use this robust application there is more to go. Readout this article to know the top 5 reasons to invest in CMMS application.

Make Maintenance Management Effortless

Think about how much effort you have to give while managing your maintenance using paper. You have to look for history, go through thousands of papers to check specific information. This is, in fact, a time-consuming task. Moreover, with the paper-based system, you can hardly remember every maintenance schedule, there is a big chance of missing them. If you have a manufacturing unit in multiple locations, it becomes tough to handle those. Keeping all these factors in mind CMMS software makes all this task effortless. With this robust application, you can check the machine’s history, get an automated notification for scheduled tasks, schedule work orders, assign tasks to the maintenance worker all from the one single app. With this application, your task will become easy and efficient.

Established Consistency

Consistency is the must-have thing in the world of maintenance management. With proper consistency, you can establish best practices in your office. Being consistency helped the maintenance worker in troubleshooting, provide an overview of the maintenance, task list, and the steps that need to be taken to perform maintenance tasks.

Reduce Manufacturing Scrap and Rework

Why lose your valuable energy and resource rework and scrap while you can reduce it. You have to rework your system when there is a system break down or the machine left for too long while your technicians struggling to fix the issue. With CMMS application you can schedule a repair task before a breakdown occurs and even let you work on the asset when they are not in use. Isn’t it great?

Get Instant Updates

CMMS permits you store, attach and update asset statistics in real-time, such as procedures, error logs, manuals, and schematics. This permits customers to get right of entry to integral statistics when they need it and improve troubleshooting and work order processing times.

Track Maintenance Cost

CMMS software program tracks parts, labor, service history and other charges every time work orders are completed. This makes it convenient to see the place the finances were spent, perceive areas that are strolling over budget, and make trained decisions about whether a piece of equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. You can additionally filter statistics to exhibit the cost of reactive versus planned maintenance, which identifies areas for enhancement in your current maintenance approach.

So, don’t you think all these benefits benefit you and your business, with a CMMS software it will reduce your hassle, make it effortless in managing maintenance management and seamless error-free maintenance ensure the longevity of your machines. I would always support CMMS software for a manufacturing business, what about you? Will you still prefer a paper-based maintenance management system?


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Romero Nicholas Dean, Digital Marketing Analyst of CloudApper and blogger who loves to know and share the use, impact, and prospects of digital transformation.

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