Deep cleaning your garage, house, car, and outdoor surfaces can be an overwhelming task, particularly when you don’t have the right techniques and tools to streamline your work. Electric pressure washers are essential tools homeowners need to quickly, accomplish their cleaning tasks. With the market filling up with different designs and models, you’ll want to have a checklist to match the right electric pressure washer to your needs. For instance, you might want to determine beforehand, whether to purchase a pressure washer with a water tank or one that doesn’t feature a built-in tank.

However, this review is focusing on the Snow Joe SPX200E, which is one of the top-rated pressure washers the market today. It is available in a compact, 1350 psi pressure machine that cleans your boats, patio furniture, off-road vehicles, motorbikes, recreational vehicles, trailers, barbecues among others. With an adjustable, spray nozzle, cleaning becomes easy and fast on virtually all surface types.

Meet the Snow JoeSPX200E: An Ultra-Lightweight, Compact Pressure Washer

Key Highlights

  • 20 ft. high-pressure hose
  • Total Stop System
  • Strong 10-amp motor
  • Garden hose adapter
  • Delivers 1350 PSI maximum water pressure
  • Produces 1.45 GPM maximum flow rate
  • Adjustable spray wand
  • Twistable nozzle for ease of controlling water pressure
  • 35 ft. GFCI power cord
  • CSA certified
  • Ideal for light & medium duty cleaning tasks

Features of The Snow Joe SPX200E Electric Pressure Washer

The SPX200E electric pressure washer by Snow Joe carries 10 amps of comprehensive cleaning power. This makes the portable dirt-blaster dynamo to deliver a powerful discharge of 1350 pressure per square inch. The pressure demolishes every last bit of grime and dirt from your surfaces leaving them sparkling clean. When pumping up to 1.45 gallons of water every minute, cleaning tasks can be super-fast!

With an adjustable nozzle, you can easily shift from gentle spay to intense jet as the Sun Joe makes light work of grime, dirt and much more. Considering the 10 lbs weight, this SPX200E is no doubt the perfect portable choice for all domestic quick cleaning jobs.

❖      Versatile

This Snow Joe high-pressure washer is suitable for light and medium-duty cleaning activities. Because of that, you can use it around the household to clean wide-ranging surfaces like the deck, pavers, boat, porch, siding, cars, concrete, dock, cabin, patio, and driveway among others.

❖      Powerful motor

When dealing with stubborn grime such as grease in the garage, you need a powerful motor that will knock-off all the dirt but not too strong to peel off your wall-paint. That is why this electric pressure machine carries a 10 amp motor, which gives 1350 psi pressure and 1.45 GPM. This water pressure and the flow rate is just sufficient enough for nearly all your domestic cleaning jobs without damaging the surfaces.

❖      Total stop system – TSS

The spray wand comes with a built-in Total Stop System that automatically turns off the pump when you don’t engage the trigger. With this feature, you do not have to worry about wasting energy or high energy bills. Besides, it helps to prolong pump life since the motor only runs when the pump is in use.

❖      Accessories

The Snow Joe SPX200E electric pressure machine isn’t among the top-rated pressure washers for no reason. This cleaning tool avails a 20 ft. high-pressure hose, a 35 ft. GFCI protected power cord, a garden hose adapter, and an extension, all in one package!

With these features, you can clean every bit of dirt in your outdoors, without worrying about wet floors. In addition, you can use the garden hose adapter to easily regulate water pressure and let the machine simplify your garden chores.

❖     Pressure

Sun Joe’s SPX200E high-pressure washer has its max pressure ratings compliant to the CSA-test standards. The maximum internal pressure per square inch is 1350. However, operating under typical load, this machine has a working pressure of 870 psi.

❖      Warranty

Peace of mind comes when you know your valuable investments are guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty. As such, the SPX200E pressure washer is backed 100% by the Sun Joe and Snow Joe Customer Promise. The company warrants new, powered devices for up to two years from the purchase date.

The Pros

  • CSA certified
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Adjustable nozzle
  • GFCI power cord
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Reliable performance
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Total Stop Technology

The Cons

  • Unsuitable for cement driveways and home exteriors
  • Customers have complained of broken or missing parts
  • Malfunctions occasionally

Device Specifications:


Model: SunJoe SPX200E

PSI: 1350 PSI

Engine: 10-amp motor

Nozzles: adjustable nozzle

GPM: 1.45 gallons per minute

Pump: Sun Joe’s electric

Detergent System: NO

Warranty: 2-year limited warranty.

Price: $62.73

How The Snow Joe SPX200E Compares With Similar Pressure Washers

Snow Joe + Sun Joe major in creating innovative outdoor tools towards all-year-round clean homes. Whether in snowfall or sunshine, their tools will maintain the beauty of your household. To give you a better perspective of the company’s SPX200E high-pressure machines, here is how it compares with in-house and other brands.


  Max Pressure / Flow 35 ft. GFCI power cord Weight 20 ft. high-pressure hose Motor Rated Pressure
SPX200E 1350 psi/1.45 gpm 9.2 lbs 10 amp/1200 W 870 psi
SPX202E 1350 psi/1.45 gpm 9.2 lbs 11 amp/1300 W 1015 psi
SPX1000 1350 psi/1.45 gpm 9.2 lbs 11 amp/1400 W 1150 psi
SPX1500 1350 psi/1.45 gpm 9.2 lbs 102amp/1400 W 1160 psi
SPX2000 1350 psi/1.45 gpm 9.2 lbs 12.5 amp/1500 W 1150 psi


The Sun Joe SPX200E is among top rated pressure washers for cleaning decks and cars. However, when you want to clean your home’s exterior, it is might not be the best option. Although this machine carries an attractive price tag and unique features, it is not faultless. According to Amazon verified reviews, this device starts malfunctioning when still newly purchased. In other instances, it arrives with missing or broken items.

This is nothing unusual since most products that cost less are not as durable as their more advanced counterparts are. Nonetheless, the unit is CSA certified and carries a 2-year guarantee. It means you can return the product for a new one if anything goes south.

Besides, before investing in the Sun Joe SPX200E, it is imperative to understand its limitations. The electric pressure machine is not meant for cleaning cement sidewalks or home exteriors. On the other hand, you will find the device quite effective for cleaning bridges and cars.

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