Winters are near and it is time to take out your classic piece of outerwear, a leather jacket out from your closet. This trendy fashion statement can go along with anyone outfit you choose to wear. From being a necessity to a luxury item, it is all in one item that will give you the perfect look at the end of the day. There are many looks that you can pull off with this piece; however, here are a few simple yet stylish ideas that will not require a lot of your time or energy:

1. Daytime Outfit

As soon as you wake up, you have to travel from your home to the office and then from there to meet your friends and back home. With such a long day, you cannot change clothes continuously; hence, you need an outfit that can look professional for your office and casual when you are out with your friends. Try matching a white shirt with a brown leather jacket and medium-wash cropped jeans and achieve the look, you always wanted to. You can spice up this outfit further by adding a trendy back and boots.

2. Shirtdress Beyond Summer

Tired of wearing button-down shirts with jeans? Then go for a button-down shirtdress for a change with the perfect black leather jacket. You can look lively, professional and casual at the same time. It is your choice if you want to go for a white shirtdress or a black, however, make sure it’s always a neutral colour. If you end up wearing your leather jacket with some bright colour shirtdress, your outfit will most probably, look dull. Moreover, you can make your whole outfit for the day look more stylish by wearing minimalist gold hoops and ankle boots.

3. Layer It Under A Coat

A leather jacket is a perfect outerwear for all the seasons throughout the year. However, when the temperature is high and it’s cold, you can wear it under a wool trend or a puffer. You will not only pull off the perfect street style look, but you will also be protected from the cold. You can wear it over jeans or a mini skirt, it depends on how cold the weather is. Make your final look complete by adding combat boots for a touch of edginess and a huge smile for a touch of loveliness.

4. Nothing Better Than All Black

Through the years, nothing could beat the all-black look. Especially when you’re all black look consist of a leather jacket and black boots. Instead of black boots, you can also go for black high heels. You can wear this look at almost every event. It makes you look mysterious and classy at the same time. Moreover, black looks great on everyone so you will not have to worry about it looking bad. You can complete the look by wearing a stylish bag or a pair of black sunglasses.

5. Chic Weekend Outfit

It might be your weekend and you might be too lazy to dress up. You just want to run your errands in your basic coloured T-shirt and blue jeans. Nevertheless, why should anyone look boring on weekends when they could even more fashionable with just one styling tip? Carrying real leather jackets. It’s an effortless tip that will not require much of your energy so now you can run all your errands and chores looking fashionable. Make people go in awe with your ‘I woke up like this’ look.

6. Make It Sporty

If you are someone who has never been on friendlier terms with a dress then you can try wearing a jumpsuit or better, a sporty catsuit. Pair it up with your favorite leather jacket and you are ready for almost any event. If you have a concert, you can wear a navy blue jumpsuit with your black jacket or if you have the office the next day, you can swap the blue jumpsuit for a black one. Make the outfit look trendier by wearing the perfect heels and pair of sunglasses.

7. French-Girl Style

A motorcycle-style leather jacket, essential striped shirt and a pair of vintage-inspired, lighter wash denim jeans and you are ready to slay! This French-girl style will channel the inner easy yet chic style Parisian girl in you. You can make this outfit look m0ore wonderful by adding some distinct accessories such as a colorful shimmery scarf, bangles, leather satchel or better yet, you can wear a simple trendy choker with it.

8. Effortlessly Chic Look

If you want to create a look that, you can pull off at any event no matter how casual or professional the event is. Pair up a leather jacket and body-hugging coated jeans, which can wear in summers and winters. Achieve the ‘I did not try hard’ look and end up looking chic all day long. Add a designer bag to make it look classier or a scarf.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the ways you can style your leather jacket with various stylish outfits and look amazing.

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