Puerto Rico can be called the best place to relax in the Caribbean for a number of reasons. This island is a real natural pearl both for fans of beach holidays and surfing, and for those who like wandering through the tropical jungle. Millions of tropical fish swim in the coral reefs off the coast of Puerto Rico, while unique animals live in local limestone caves. Also, there are several rare species of birds that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

In short, Puerto Rico is a great place for those who like a variety of adventures, and hate boring places at the same time. If you are one of them, then don’t miss to enjoy an exciting holiday.

Payless car rental San Juan Puerto Rico will be a great assistant on your trip, as you’ll be able to see much more beautiful and unique places on the island and feel comfortable during the whole trip.

  1. Old San Juan

The Slums of Old San Juan

(photo by ap0013)

Even if your stay in San Juan is limited to only a brief visit, you can easily fall under the spell of the cobblestone bridge streets of the Old City, its colonial buildings with facades in pastel colors, and majestic medieval fortresses.

Starting from the bastions of El Morro, the charm of these places spreads in all directions – through the winding maze of streets and down to the endless Atlantic. During the day you can immerse yourself in historical chronicles full of blood and pomposity, but in the afternoon – get lost in the crowds of tourists and noisy locals, dancing in the rhythm of salsa.


  1. Beaches

Puerto Rico Beach Scene

(photo by Joshua Siniscal)

Puerto Rican beaches look really amazing with their pleasant sand, diamond splashes of crystal clear water and rhythmically rolling waves. Among the most charming spots are the golden beach of Playa Flamenco shaped like a crescent, and Isla Verde beach hidden in the shade of mangroves.

Also, San Juan public beach will be a suitable relaxation point for youngsters and families with kids. Plus, the island features several beaches for surfing and snorkeling.


  1. Bioluminescent Bays

Bioluminescent Plankton

(photo by Dave Miner)

In Puerto Rico, you can admire one of the most amazing wonders of nature – bioluminescent water. However, this is not the usual water – it’s full of special microorganisms. If swimming or kayaking in Puerto Rican bioluminescent bays at night, underwater plankton seems to be a scattering of precious stones, or multi-colored stars falling into the water – this is a real miracle available for everyone.

Bioluminescent water in the bays of Vieques Island is one of the most unique and most fantastic natural phenomena.


  1. Rum Cocktails at Sunset

Time to relax...

(photo by Chris Redan)

If there’s an elixir that will help you forever imprint memories of the local sunsets into your memory, then this elixir is poured into tall, slightly fogged glass goblets. From Pina colada with a toy umbrella and to a real men cocktail Cuba libre – none of the Puerto Rico rum mixes will leave you indifferent. Find a cozy place somewhere on the west coast of Puerto Rico, in the Rincon’s Bar Tamboo Tavern, and sip your cocktail while watching the sunset and enjoying the heavenly taste.


  1. Swimming and Snorkeling

Hawksbill turtle

Most of the best places for snorkeling and swimming are situated on the nearby islands to the east and south of Puerto Rico itself.

In the mornings, the water in these places is crystal clear, and the sea is usually calm, thus visibility distance under water reaches even 75 feet (about 23 meters). Sometimes this distance is even greater.

The underwater panorama is just fantastically beautiful. You’ll see many brightly colored tropical fish, bizarre coral formations, and if you’re lucky enough you can even watch for stingrays.


  1. Colonial Architecture

Old Town San Juan

If you want to take a look at each architectural evidence of Puerto Rico’s past colonial grandeur — every fountain and every historic square, every old manor on one of the many plantations or on a XIX century city hall — a quick acquaintance with the architecture of the island would take you at least a month. In case you won’t find something interesting outside of San Juan, then take a walk around Plaza Las Delicias placed in the second largest destination of Puerto Rico – Ponce.

This place is full of statues and colonial facades, as well as has the amazing Fuente de los Leones fountain, which was brought there from New York.


  1. El Yunque Rainforest

Puerto Rico Vista

Lush tropical thickets, green hills and magnificent waterfalls – this is El Yunque Rainforest, the only fully tropical jungle in the United States. This is a place where you can get through a truly clean and oxygen-rich fog, study waterfalls and see the huge ferns, suggesting that the Jurassic period is still not over.

In order not to get wet, take a raincoat with you. At the same time grab binoculars. El Yunque forest is home for 26 unique representatives of the fauna of the local ecosystem. Also, here you can see the Puerto Rican amazon, which is one of the rarest species of birds on the planet.



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