Do you believe in the power of photography? Even black-and-white picture carries more information than you have in your memory. What do you think when you look at your wedding or family portrait? It’s a kind of magic. So, there is a point to have more worthy photos in your album. First of all, think of a good photography location. CRC car rental in Miami will help you to visit as much interesting places as you can for your travel time. And don’t worry if you are not in Miami or even not in America. There is always a chance to take great photos. Just be inspired by each other!

It often happens that you are not skilled enough to shoot on your own. There is always a way to hire a professional photographer. Also, you can be a photographer for your friends and relatives. One way or another, here are helpful tips to prepare your photo shoot and take the most romantic pictures.

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  1. TIME

The time of your photo session depends on how much time you have. If you like the location and want to spend more time there, you can take many hours for shooting. If you hire a photographer, the time of your shooting much depends on your real budget.


What about the location? Every city has a special romantic place or many those places to take the best couple pictures. Spending time in Paris, you can take photos at the monuments, when walking by the stony narrow streets, sitting in the charming cafes. Traveling through Florida, you have more beach locations, secret parks, and atmospheric street restaurants. According to this, having a favorable platform with many interesting places, you will try to find more time for shooting there.

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  1. LIGHT

Light means much in photography. The best couple pictures are taken at the sunset or sunrise. Go out of the city and plan to spend about two hours for morning or evening photo session.

  1. IDEAS

Do you feel like you got stuck in the variety of locations and forgot about the ideas? Want to have more interesting ideas for your shooting? You can use such popular internet resources like Pinterest to take interesting couple poses from there.

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Have you already picked what dresses you are going to wear for shooting? There is always a sense to take many different dress kits to create more stylish looks. What do you like the most? If you want to have a natural look, you can take your everyday clothes. Casual suits and dresses are the best for a couple picture. If you want to look beautiful and romantic, you should think of light chiffon dresses and shirts.


There are many interesting looks people usually take for shooting. Of course, it depends on what you really want.



  • Princess&Prince

This style is very popular in romantic photography. You can wear flowered or single colored dresses and complete your look with flowers in the hair, wrapping, light jewelry, puffy floor-length skirts, and high hair. Don’t overdo! Too much jewelry distracts people’s attention from your person. Try to be creative but keep a common style of your couple. Don’t be afraid of your true emotions.

  • Combined Colors

Colorful pictures are always interesting to look at. Couple photography makes you pay much attention to combining colors of his and her dress. Decide what colors your couple likes the most. Wearing black, you should add him a read tie that is combined with her red lips nicely. Did you get the point of combined dressing? Just try to pick the color that suits to both of you. Be ready for experiments.

  • Combined Styles

It would be great if you and your partner are dressed in one style. It is very important if you have a thematic session. Thus, if your partner picked a strict suite, try to put an elegant dress on. You can both wear jeans and shirts, or swimming suits.

Asian couple on the beach.


  • Pastel

Pastel colors are good for city shooting. Also, it can be a good idea to wear pastel on the back of a romantic sunset or the old castle. Bright colors are good for the bright weather and parties.

  • Juicy Colors

Be careful with the juicy colors. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not. Anyway, you can always a bright element to your look. But remember that your red lips make people focus on your face. Your bright shoes pay much attention to your legs.

What if you don’t like shooting or you don’t like how your look at the picture. Forget it! If you are not good at photography, try to invite a professional photographer to save the situation. Just focus on your love story, your partner and spend a good time together.

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