Fashion has been a major part of our lives since forever. It holds the same value for every human being regardless of their gender; men or women. In the older times, things used to be simpler and straightforward. People did not have much idea of what fashion is and how it could impact the glamour in the world. However, as the time evolved, advancements were introduced and there was a huge change seen in the society. People started to incline towards fashion trends and style greatly. The concept of glamour developed and everyone, men and women, wanted to be glamorous.

If we go back in the ancient times, the concept of clothes, let alone fashionable clothes was alien to the people. However, with the discovery of fabric and threads, clothes started coming in presence and then eventually the idea of designing and fashion came into being. Initially it used to be long dresses for both men and women without the incorporation of body shape cuts and designs. Later on the people started experimenting and introducing cuts and sizes giving variety of sizes and shapes to dress for both the genders. Later on clothing accessories and supportive clothing pieces also started appearing in the world.

Leather Jackets

During the time of World War II, specifically in 1925, the leather jacket was invented. It was basically the men’s leather bomber jacket in brown color that was brought into wearing for the soldiers and other participants of the war. Bomber jackets are protective warm jackets and used to be a great help for the people to stay warm as well as hide weapons and other valuables in the inner side of the jacket.  These were worn by military people and coup mostly but with time, fashion industry started making these for the general public as well as a part of everyday and formal wear.

Just after a short time of introducing bomber jackets, biker jackets were introduced as well. It was mainly because of the fact that motorcycles were advanced into faster speeds and bikers needed a much safer clothing to protect themselves. It made Irving Schott, a New York based jacket manufacturer to design leather jackets inspired from the long coat style from World War 1. It was the start of biker jacket fashion in the glamour world. Eventually, other styles of jacket also came into being and then fashion brands and manufacturers also introduced the concept of customize jackets for the people according to their desired style and custom fit.


Hats have been used for multiple purposes to cover the head. In military, leather hats were used for protective clothing in times of the war, the construction workers use hard hats made of hard plastic to protect their heads while on site, similarly in terms of culture, hats played a vital role in the representation of social status of men and women. People from the high class used to wear hats to show off their status in the society. The fashion of hats has gone out of fashion for quite some time now, but it is still a major depiction of style and status in the British royal families. The women of the British royal family have to wear hats as a mandatory part of clothing any anyone seen without it in the public is simply not acceptable. Similarly, people still use hats for protection from sun while on the beach and other sunny picnics. Horse riders wear hats very commonly and those type of hats have always been in the fashion.


Unlike the jackets and hats, gloves did not come into fashion for protective reasons and rather straight as fashion accessories. In the 13th century, women started wearing gloves of silk and linen material as a complimentary piece of clothing for their fashion dressing. These gloves used to be of wrist length and often elbow length as well. Mostly the gloves were a part of formal wear like ball gowns and dresses. However, eventually the concept of leather gloves evolve and men started wearing gloves as well for biker outfits. The concept of men wearing gloves was not entirely new as it was still a part of formal attires especially for balls since the beginning. Gloves are still considered an integral part of royal dressing for women.

Fashion has been an important part for a lot of societies in the world for many decades. It is considered to be the symbol of status. Leather jackets, hats, and gloves are three complimentary accessories that people add up with their dresses to achieve a fashionable glamorous attire. While leather jacket is a common fashion statement of every individual belonging to every social status, gloves and hats have now been cut down till royal formal dressing only. You won’t see random people on the streets wearing these two accessories!

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