Communication using home phones never gets out of fashion. Keeping that in mind, it’s important that you should know proper phone answering ethics and etiquettes as an important skill no matter what you do. These apply to all kinds of conversations whether  it’s a business conversation or a casual one with your friend. However, there are certain ways to help you make sure that you always maintain a polite tone. So here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re never rude and maintain etiquette that’s required whenever you’re on the phone:


Greet the Caller in a Polite Way

No matter you are the one who is placing the call or someone who is on the receiving end, make sure that you greet the other person in a polite way. Your greeting should have the same tone that you might have used when you are meeting someone in-person. If you know the person whom you are calling, make sure that you identify yourself and then start off with the conversation. You can say:

“Hello, my name is… How are you doing today?”

Or if you are answering the call, then you can say:

“Hi, how are you? Thank you so much for calling.”


Try to Speak Using Your Normal Tone or Voice

If you are talking in a very loud voice when you are on the phone, this might become a little uncomfortable for the person who is on the other end of the line. Likewise, if you are talking too quietly, this might get a little difficult and stressful for the person who is listening to you. Speaking in a normal tone helps the listener to get more meaning out of your conversation over the phone in a comfortable way.


Try to Speak in Your Normal Tone:

If you talk too loudly into your phone, it may be uncomfortable for the person on the other line. Also, if you talk too quietly, it may be difficult and straining for the person on the other line to hear you. By speaking in your normal tone, you will avoid making the other caller uncomfortable. You can even ask the other person by saying:

“Excuse me, Can you hear me okay?”

If you are talking at a normal volume and pace, the receiver will not face any difficulty hearing you. This is the way you can use your phone at home and work. Using the device properly will help the listener on the other line to hear you in a proper way. You can either go for changing your phone set. For instance, you can get Mediacom phones service for the best home phone with crystal-clear sound and more features. All these features sum up and make your calling experience more smooth and comfortable.


Never Talk on the Phone when You are Eating Something

This is something really rude and ill-mannered. If you are talking on the phone do not drink, eat or chew anything. Your chewing sound gets amplified on the phone and it is something really impolite as well to hear sounds of people chewing and talking. If you have a lunch planned and there is a call that you have to attend, you can either have your food and then go for your call, or tell the other person to schedule the call for a later time.


Get away from Things that Distract You while Talking on the Phone

When you are talking on the phone it is very important that you pay attention to the person you are talking to and limit distractions as much as possible. If you are at home, it is a good idea to turn down the volume of your TV or music system or turn them off completely so you can hear each other clearly. Before making your call, think about the factors and objects that might distract you. This will make your calls more beneficial.


Likewise, if there are other people in the room, you can step out of the room or try getting out of the house. This is going to help you by not getting distracted by the people who are passing by you.


Ask the Person to Call You Back if You Have a Bad Service

If you are talking to somebody using your cellphone, there is a high chance that you might experience bad service or weak signal reception. This is where home phones come in handy. If you are a cell phone user and you are having issues talking to the other person, you can ask them to continue with the call at a later time. Also, tell them that you are not able to get a better signal at the moment. It will be a good idea if you would apologize for the inconvenience. You can use either sentences below:


“Excuse me, I apologize. I am having a poor signal reception on my end, May I call You back as soon as possible”


“Excuse me, I apologize. I am having a poor signal reception on my end, May I call You back ASAP?”

“End Your Call with a Thank You or a Polite Goodbye”

It is very polite to say thanks at the end of your telephonic conversation but it is important to say goodbye too. There are no facial expressions when you are talking to somebody using your home or cell phone. It becomes a little difficult to make out when your conversation ends. When you say thanks or say goodbye to someone it becomes quite clear to both the caller and the listener that the phone call has ended.


Answer the Phone Within 2 to 3 Rings

It is  very professional to answer within the first 2 or 3 rings when receiving a call. In a scenario where you receive a call of a business partner, customer or stakeholder, it is  good practice that you do not make the other person wait. When you are prepared for a call scheduled in advance, it will allow you to answer the phone call in a proper way and time. It will also help you make enough time to get rid of all the distractions that might occur during the call. If the call is not scheduled, it is not important to answer it within the above mentioned time. But make sure that you answer the call as quickly as possible.


Greet the Caller According to Their Professional Title

It will always sound professional if you greet the listener with their official title, for example, General, Colonel, Doctor, etc. You should address the listener or caller using their professional titles as it also lends to the person’s importance. For instance, you can say Mr. for guys, Ms./Mrs. for females and avoid calling them using their first names.


Identify Yourself in a Proper Way if You are Dialing in the Call

When you are dialing in the call, it is good if you identify yourself in the proper manner. It is one of the most important practices to follow in a business setting. Doing so will remove confusion and makes sure that the conversation becomes efficient.

It is a good thing that your conversations conform to the environment and the settings that you are in. These help you make the most from your telephonic conversations and create a better image of yourself or your organization.

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