For some students, studying abroad can be more beneficial for them because they can upgrade their education level with more quality, prestige, and achievements. But it can be pretty expensive. If you are interested in studying in Singapore, then you will want to look for the available options for you. You might want to look for the opportunity with your peers. After all, it is very great to start a new journey together with your best buddy. There are many programs that you can consider to join with to fund you. We will cover some of the tops.

The first one is Dr. Goh Keng Swee scholarship. It is held by the ABS – Association of Banks in Singapore. it is one of the most popular scholarships for Asia Pacific regions. Designed purposely for the undergraduate students, you will have greater chance to get this to study at the local UNI in Singapore. With this scholarship, you must be able to apply in one of the following unis: Singapore Management uni, Academic record, Nanyang Technological university, and so on.

The next one is ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship. It is the option available for those who want to join with the National University of Singapore. To be eligible to participate, you should be from one of the ASEAN countries. The other significant requirements are the academic record and leadership skills. If you don’t have any problem with your academic record, you could consider collecting your leadership certificates to amp your application up. The scholarship will normally cover your overall tuition fees. You will also get an annual living allowance for S$5,800. this is an incredible number of college students in Singapore. With this fund alone, you could live while saving some of the allowance money.

The last but not least is the Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship. This is also for the new students at the NUS. it is specifically created for the Asian students. if you are residing in Asian countries and looking for study abroad, then this scholarship can be the right one for you.  It is eligible for all Asia countries to expect Singapore itself.

To be qualified, you must have the incredible academic record which set you apart from other students. The other qualifications are the leadership abilities, good recommendation letters from your teachers, and so on. The successful applicant will receive awards, tuition fees, allowance of S$6,000 and settling-in award of S$2,000. Amongst the other, this can be the best option for you if you are interested in Science and Technology subjects.

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