Once you’ve launched your internet business, the online exposure would be a crucial factor. It’s the only you can gain customers and make more sales online. However, improving your business exposure requires a more comprehensive strategy. These following elements would help you to enhance the online exposure of your business.

Mobile Business Site

As people are now using mobile technology including smartphones or tablet to stay connected, you need to develop a mobile-friendly business site. Both Google and mobile users dislike sites which are less responsive to mobile access.

Business Domain Email

Even though both free email services like Yahoo and Gmails provides you with many advantages, it provides a less professional appearance. Once you have a business site, it’s better to make an email based on its address. Email with business or company name would provide a more convincing look.

Relevant and Themed Branding

Even if you have a great business site, doesn’t mean that your brand is developed. You still have to work on this area. They key is to be consistent when promoting your brand. You should use the same logo, themes, and slogan or gimmick which help to increase the brand value of your product and company for sure. The value of the brand would determine your business success in the long term.

Professional Photographs

Whether it’s for your products, promotional posters, company photos, and other contents, never use amateur photography. Use professional service to provide high-quality photographs for your company. All the photographs should be selectively uploaded to your business sites or social media page.


Company profile, promotional footage, product presentations, and other official company footages are the ones which shouldn’t be done with a phone camera. Instead, look for professional video services to work on the official footages of your company. It would deliver a professional attribute to your company.

Social Media Optimization

It’s not a secret even such big companies have their own business social media pages. However, some of them have just failed to engage their followers with a quick response or personal feedback. It might be okay for a while but it would be contra-productive soon. Ignoring social media page means losing tons of sales as well as a valuable chance to promote customer loyalty program. It’s suggested to invest in social media optimization or at least, hire a social media admin to manage your business page.

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