Back pain is something that can affect many people and it could be quite debilitating in our life. It is associated with problems with our spinal system. As an example, people who are overworked will likely be affected by back pain, especially if the sit with bad posture for hours and carry heavy items repeatedly, as part of their daily activities at the workplace. It is important for you to be able to deal with back pain and even better, if you are able to prevent it. You should know about various habits that can make back pain more likely to happen. You should check any of the common lifestyle issues that increase your risks of having back pain. You should know that back pain can be considered as a cumulative effect on your spinal systems. One mistake in your habit can have long term consequences in your lives.

As an example, people who have excessive weight is more likely to be affected by back pain. When you have more than ideal body weight, the lower lumbar region of your body will receive more strain. People in their 30’s and 40’s who experience rapid weight gain could start to have back problem. High impact exercises could also pain in our lower back region. It’s true that exercise is supposed to allow us to feel better and healthier. It could happen when you overdo high impact activities. It is important to have balanced physical activities, such as alternating between high and low impact exercises. Examples of low impact exercises may include biking, cycling, swimming and walking at moderate pace. It means that you can continue having active lifestyle, without putting too much pressure on your spinal system.

Another good way to reduce impact is by choosing the right footwear. It is needed as the cushion against impacts. In general, we need to replace our shoes every 6 months when we use them moderately. You need to check whether your shoes are no longer able to provide the necessary cushion, because it starts to wear out. Poor posture can also be a bad thing and this could cause severe back pain. Many of us don’t sit properly and we tend to slouch. When slouching, the weight of our body is distributed unevenly along our spinal column. It means that the lower lumbar region will get an increased amount of pressure. When sitting at home or at work, you should properly concentrate on having the right posture. As an example, you should have ergonomic furniture that can help you maintain a proper posture.

It is also important to avoid making sudden motion, because this could cause your spine to get much weight. You should be reasonable with how you move your body and how much weight that you should carry. If something seems too heavy, you should ask someone for help. When picking up something, you should focus the weight on your legs, instead of on your back.

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