Snoring is a health problem that is not dangerous, but can still cause problems in our life. However, in more serious cases, this can develop into sleep apnea, which needs to get medical treatment. Fortunately, we should be able to minimize this problem by performing various changes in our lifestyle. As an example, obesity is a risk factor that can make sleep apnea more likely to happen. Another main culprit is if we have fatty tissues around our neck. It squeezes our airway and air won’t flow properly. When it happens, our body could compensate by making us to breathe more through the mouth. This will make snoring a possibility and for people with overweight problem, it is more likely to happen.

The most effective way to deal with snoring is by addressing the cause directly.  As an example, if you snore more often after you gain rapid body weight, then it is a good idea to lose weight. Another reason for snoring is if you often sleep on your back. This sleeping posture will definitely exacerbate snoring. When you fall asleep, the fat tissue under the chin and the tongue become more relaxed, which could press on the airway. When it happens, the solution should be quite simple and you only need to change the sleeping position. You should try to sleep more on your side, so the airway can be opened up more. When you are asleep, your head should be elevated, so the nasal passages can be opened up more. You can do this by propping up your head more on one additional pillow.

It is also important for you to avoid smoking and alcohol, because they can cause you to snore a lot more. Alcohol can cause muscle tissues around your neck to become overly relaxed and many drunken people snore when they fall asleep. It is important to avoid alcohol in any situation, so you won’t snore. Some people use sedatives to help them sleep better, but this could increase issues related to snoring. Smoking causes irritation at throat lining and nasal passages, which may cause swelling. You will have breathing problem and snoring will become an issue. If you don’t smoke and you still snore, it could be caused by an allergy, which makes your nasal passages to become congested. It’s important to ensure that your nasal passages will become cleared.

Whatever happens, you should make sure that you breathe more through your nose, if not completely. When you start to breathe through your mouth, then it is likely that snoring will happen. You should be able to do this by having a pleasant shower or warm bath before going to bed. The moist water vapour will go through your nasal passages, thinning the accumulated mucus. It is also a good idea to use nasal decongestants or antihistamines to clear your nasal passages. Dairy products are known for causing extra production of mucus, which lead to increased incidences of snoring.

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