For many married couples, achieving pregnancy can be a difficult thing to do. Your daily routine, where you live and how you live can determine your level of fertility. There are negative things in your lives that can make the chances of conceiving become harder to achieve. In many cases, it is important that you are able to change your lifestyle and eliminate any kind of infertility factors that prevent you from getting pregnant. One thing that can substantially reduce your fertility is the daily smoking habit. By smoking, the detrimental effects can happen on both men and women. Frequent smoking sessions can reduce the ovarian reserve in women and it is possible that they experience early menopause, which means eliminate any chance of having pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers who smoke may also have a higher risk of suffering stillbirth or miscarriage. Smoking may also lower the sperm count among men and the existing sperms can become more sluggish. Another lifestyle change that you need to consider is by having healthy routines that can manage stress. When you have too much stress, irregular ovulation can happen and periods can stop for months. If you want to have an increased chance of getting pregnant, it is a good idea to have regular de-stressing session, such as meditation, exercise and yoga. Healthy eating can also help you to decrease stress both on your mind and body. A light-moderate exercise may include having four sessions each week, consisted of 30-minute of various aerobic activities. This is a decent physical exercise that should help you to be in shape and you should feel much better. You should be able to keep yourself in shape and it’s possible that you feel better.

It is also essential if you are able to get enough sleep each day, about 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep each day. Your bed should become an oasis of calmness and you need to set up a proper bedroom, by removing any clutter and potential stressors, such as television. The next day, your stress level will go down and your overall suffering will subside significantly. In men, stress can cause lower production of testosterone, which has an impact on the quality and quantity of sperm. Another thing that you should consider is getting a new job. The current work environment may no longer be ideal for you. As an example, if you are working in the agricultural industry, you will likely have infertility problems. Women are often recruited in the electronic assembly plants due to their excellent attention to details. However, they could be exposed to various chemical solvents, which can make spontaneous abortion more likely to happen.

People who work in the material production industry and cleaning services could also have reduced fertility due to exposure to various chemicals. Women in the pharmaceutical industry may experience delayed pregnancy at about 12 months. Another thing is to avoid taking recreational drugs. In some countries, the use of marijuana is allowed at small dosage, however, it has the chance of reducing the chance of pregnancy. The vaginal fluid of women who use marijuana will cause sperms to become sluggish and unable to break the outer casing of the egg, so conception will be harder or impossible to achieve.

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