Crash diets are among the worst methods in weight loss programs and it is often having food deprivation. This is an unhealthy measure that we should avoid to take if we want to stay healthy. There are different methods that we can choose and paleo diet is one of them. A good weight loss program shouldn’t be based starvation. Although we can lose weight, it is often not sustainable and when you give up, it is possible that you end up reverting to your old eating pattern and even worse, you are compelled to overeat due to the deprivation that you experience during the crash diet sessions. Crash diets don’t only make you miserable, it is also ineffective. When you are deprived of food, your body will switch to the starvation mode by slowing down the basal metabolism. It means that you burn calories slower than normal, making it harder for you lose weight. During starvation mode, you may also experience chronic exhaustion and significant reductions in productivity.

Alternatively, you should choose the paleo lifestyle that doesn’t rely on food deprivation to help you lose weight. With this lifestyle, you adopt the same eating pattern with our hunter gatherer ancestors. They eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy oils and proper types of meat. It means that anything that’s processed and refined should be included from our diet. This includes refined sugar and white flour, which contains only simple carbohydrates and not much else. By having paleo lifestyle, it means that you have balanced eating pattern. As an example, whole-grain products are packed with complex carbohydrates and various nutrients, but they don’t have specific nutrients, proteins and good fat. By removing refined ingredients, it will be less likely for you to suffer from diabetes. Refined flour and sugar are new inventions in the food industry, so we need to avoid them whenever possible. Although we adopt an ancient hunter-gatherer diet, we should still make a few modifications.

Due to the lack of food security, our ancestors ate all parts of the hunted animals, including the brain, offal and fatty portions of the meat. If you need to get the most from your paleo diet, it is important to choose only lean meat, so you will be able to reduce the intake of bad fat and cholesterol. Lean red meat is still a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals; as long as you consume with moderation. Also, our ancestors may have little variety in terms of the usage of herbs, spices and roots to improve taste. These are very healthy ingredients that should be added, because we need to compensate for the removal of MSG and various flavor enhancers from our food. We will be able to maintain comfort and enjoyment when eating our food. You should use only organic, pressed oil for searing food ingredients. When grilling food, you should make sure that it’s not charred. Charred food contain substances and free radicals that are bad for your health.

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