Social media advertising is one of the biggest in the world, especially Facebook. In 2016, an outstanding $72.09 billion was predicted to be spent on digital advertisements in the United States alone and expected to increase to over $113 billion by the year 2020. Twitter and other various blogs don’t make nearly as much as facebook does, but they still bring in quite a bit of revenue.


So, why is is that people seem to spend so much on advertising through social media platforms? Big businesses are a huge part of the social media world. They want all of the users on each of these platforms to know about their business, and what better way to do this than to advertise it? This is the ideal way to get your business name out there, even if it’s just a small banner on the top or side of the page.


Social media goes a long way when it comes to making your business grow. Without social media, you would have to go old school and invest in a billboard that only a miniscule amount of people would see as opposed to the millions of people worldwide on the internet. .