Instead of looking through your furniture for loose change to take to the bank, how about rummaging through your closet or sheds for unused and unwanted goods? Sure, your spare change could give you an extra $50, but do you really want to sit down for hours and roll it all out? Sure, you could take it to one of those machines that does it for you, but you won’t actually get what you put into them usually.


Selling your unwanted goods can make you more money than you think. If you go into your garage, shed, or closet right now, I can almost guarantee you that you find something you haven’t touched in years and ask yourself “why do I still have this?”. Instead of letting it gather more dust, clean it off and place it for sale on one of those websites specifically meant for selling used stuff. There are tons of them all over social media platforms, especially Facebook.
If you don’t have a social media account, look for one of those websites that gives you money for your used electronics. You may end up having to pay for shipping, but hey, that iPhone that’s just been sitting around could give you an extra $100 in exchange for a small shipping fee. It’s easy to sell your unwanted items, you just have to know where to start.