Are you finding yourself feeling a bit out of sorts? Been a little out of whack? Not quite aligned? Perhaps it’s your posture which has you feeling down! Studies show your posture can have a great effect on you and your health.

You’ve got neck pains, shoulder pains, back pains, along with some less-obvious issues such as depression and just plain looking shabby. There are multiple ways to fix your posture issues, but one of the best is to simply see what may be causing them because good posture is just as important as good oral hygiene.

Stuck in a Chair

If you’re an office worker like me, you probably sit in a chair all day. Keeping your back straight while doing so is a lesson in futility. It’s nearly impossible by the time the end of the day rolls around. Little by little, you start scooting down until you find your chin is at the same level as your desk. Okay, sure, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but my point still stands.

How do you fix this particular problem? Easy: Don’t sit at your desk all day. If possible, get up every other hour or so and take a little walk. Go get a drink of water or use the restroom. Do something to get yourself away from the desk and moving to keep yourself loose and energized.

Poor Standing Style

Poor Standing Style

Another posture issue comes in the form of either having your pelvis in too far or having your backside pushed out a little too far. Either of these is a no-go, the former making your back flat and lacking a natural curve, while the former can leave you leaning forward in what some call a “Donald Duck” posture.

This can be fixed by doing a number of exercises, such as planking or side-lying leg raises. More specific exercises are also available for each issue. Alternatively, a posture-correcting brace could work quite well, much like those found at These things wrap around your lower back and up over your shoulders, helping to keep everything aligned just right.

The One-Leg Lean

One Leg Lean

This is something I find myself doing a lot when I need to stand for a long time. If I don’t have something I can lean on, my legs are going to have to do all the work for me. I find myself shifting weight from leg to another, over and over again. This isn’t good for your posture, at all. Instead of using the good muscles, you’re just putting strain on your back and hips, and not even all of it at once. Not cool at all.

The answer to this? Stand up straight, work on that core and suck it up.

Texting and You

We all love to text and use our phones a whole lot of the time. There’s more than a fair chance you’re reading this on your phone right now. What does that usually mean? Well, think about how you look at your phone and the angle your neck is in. Constantly. This strange stretching of the neck can cause posture problems, not the least of which could be a hunched back.

Lift your chin, stop leaning over to look at your phone, or at the very least do it less, and stretch your neck to keep it from getting too messed up.